We encourage you and your students to join Tom Glenn HS Parent-Teacher-Student Association (Glenn HS PTSA)!  #BackTheFuture to show your support and be an advocate. Glenn HS PTSA members consist of students, parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, staff, and commYOUnity members. Joining PTSA helps you to be better connected at Glenn, allows you to gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role. An individual who pays dues to our local PTSA automatically becomes a member of the state and national PTAs.

Students are highly encouraged to join Glenn HS PTSA and become a voice in their own education. Being an active member of your community looks good on college, grant, job and scholarship applications. Glenn HS PTSA is also a great source for volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. By joining, they are able to apply for PTSA’s scholarship.

How can YOU support Glenn HS PTSA?

  • Join PTSA. It’s $10, quick, easy, and open to anyone. Our goal is to have one voice (one PTSA member) for every student at Glenn!!! Visit the Store to purchase memberships for your student, yourself, and your other family members.
  • Get a PTSA #BackTheFuture T-Shirt. This year, PTSA members have the option to purchase a membership and a t-shirt combo for just $25. These t-shirts are exclusive to PTSA members only. Visit the Store to purchase your membership and t-shirt combos!
  • Give a donation. Your donation helps to support the Reflections Art Program, Senior Scholarships, Staff Appreciation Events, and more. Every dollar helps our school—please give generously. Visit the Store!
  • If your company participates in the Benevity Platform, you can donate to ‘Tom Glenn HS PTSA.' This donation is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Donations are appreciated year round!
  • Use Amazon? Update your Smile.Amazon.com charity to Glenn HS PTSA - search for 
  • Become a Glenn HS PTSA partner. Family-owned and community businesses can support Glenn HS PTSA by donating $100+ to become a Partner! Visit the Store to register and pay. Partners receive a PTSA Community Sponsor decal, social media shout-outs, logo placement on the Sponsors page.
  • Be apart of the PTSA! We are always looking for Committee Chairs & Committee members. To discuss the role & time commitment email president.glennptsa@gmail.com
  • Volunteer! Volunteers are needed throughout the school year in various areas. This can be a one-time event or on-going! Complete the Parent Volunteer Form on the Volunteer page.